Xi Xuan Hotel

  • 详细描述
  • Xixuan Hotel has a total construction area of 16,000 square meters and a total of 68 rooms and suites with different design styles. The 2500-square-meter medical spa "MetaSpa" on the two basement floors is the hotel's most distinctive service.


    site Area (square meters) Height (m)
    Hangzhou Xixuan Hotel Art hall 300 4.4
    Zhen / Yue 150 4.4


    Room Type Name Room type area The number of rooms
    Xige Deluxe King Room Queen Room with Balcony 45Square meter 21between
    Xige Premier King Room Queen Room with Massage Chair 45Square meter 31between
    Xige Premier Twin Room Double-bed room 45Square meter 10between
    Xiyuan Executive Suite suite 110Square meter 4between
    Xixiang Family Suite suite 115Square meter 2between


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