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Opening Forum Recruitment | Talk about cities and art in cities

Opening Forum Recruitment | Talk about cities and art in cities

What is our city like?
Xixi Paradise Art Center and Anne Wowtheatre co-sponsored the 2019 Xixi International Art Festival
Opening Forum "City and Art in the City"
What is our city like?
Take Hangzhou for example-she is the south of Yanjiang in "Heaven has heaven, Suzhou is below", it is an ancient and elegant city, and it is the capital of the arts of the Southern Song Dynasty. At the same time, she is China Internet. The center of development is the place where the G20 Summit is held ... In fact, when we are in cities, we are always speechless when facing cities.
When we travel, will we go through the uniform high-speed rail stations?
Can I always meet fast payment methods such as WeChat / Alipay in other countries?
Sitting in the auditoriums of huge city theaters one after another, watching one after another performances from all over the world?
2020 coincides with the hosting of the Shanghai World Expo. When the "City, Let Your Life Be Better" aroused our countless thoughts. To this day, in the context of globalization, the process of urbanization is screaming. In China, cities have What changes and contingencies?-We expect to answer our questions with the "theater" we are most familiar with:
Under the seemingly converging appearance of urban development, what kind of texture has shaped different urban characters? With "theater" as a concept, in what way will we construct the "city"?
"Colors of the City" is carried out in the manner of artist's resident creation. The final form of presentation may be theater works, exhibitions, performing arts, imaginary art, immersive experiences, and so on. "Theater" here is not only a physical space, but also a "drama" in a general sense.
Commissioned by the Xixi International Arts Festival, Hangzhou will be the first city where the "Colors of the City" will be created. In the opening forum, we would like to talk about the city and the art in the city.
Interested friends can scan the QR code below to sign up and contact West Brother to report the code "color" to the discussion group.

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