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The Fifth (2019) Xixi International Arts Festival Grand Opening

The Fifth (2019) Xixi International Arts Festival Grand Opening

On October 13, 2019, the fifth (2019) Xixi International Art Festival opened grandly at Xixi Paradise Art Center. The theme of the opening ceremony of this art festival is "Art Adventure 5 Hours", which is full of drama.


On October 13, 2019, the fifth (2019) Xixi International Art Festival opened grandly at Xixi Paradise Art Center.
The theme of the opening ceremony of this art festival is "Art Adventure 5 Hours", which is full of drama.


1 Artist-in-residence project launch meeting with unknown form, unknown location and unknown content



The opening ceremony of this art festival invited the well-known drama media "Annie to watch the showwwatatre", the editor-in-chief with the drama director Sun Xiaoxing, the talk show "actor creator" Lu Tianxiong, and Qianjiang Evening News's senior cultural reporter and public account "stay" lead author Ma Li Participated in the opening forum to discuss the "art of cities and cities" in the process of urbanization. The next 7 days were also released on the spot. 5 new artists will collectively create the commissioned work of the Xixi International Art Festival 2019 "Hangzhou Colors-Hangzhou Edition.
The project will be carried out in the manner of artist's resident creation. The final form of presentation may be theater works, exhibitions, performing arts, ⾏ for art, immersive experience, etc. What does it look like under the seemingly converging urban development? Textures shape different urban characters? With "theater" as a concept, in what way will we construct the "city"?


1 rehearsal game with no rehearsal and no instruction, each performer only performs once in a lifetime


This drama game-"White Rabbit, Red Rabbit" is presented by the acting actor of "Ode to Joy", and the young talented actor Wu Haojin will present it to everyone. This work is different from the ordinary "play", and it is an adventure for the actor and the audience. Actors often carry regretful beauty, and what the audience gains most is the novel theatrical experience and the opportunity to see the actors approach the real performance response.
The audience had their mobile phones sealed before entering the venue. The audience who watched it couldn't believe that the work was over, but everyone who was still thinking about it kept the secret of this "rabbit".
Many viewers hurriedly asked if there will be two "rabbit" games on November 16th? When will the "Rabbit" card be announced?
And how wonderful is the art festival behind this "X unknown" opening ceremony?
The theme of this year's art festival is "Park X Dream", 3 months, 3 major sections, 3 non-theatre space drama experiments, 9 domestic and foreign theater specially invited works, N + art popularization and experience.
"Everywhere Theater", this art festival will start from Xixi Paradise Art Center, make "theater" a way of expression, infiltrate the corner of this big garden in Hangzhou, and use the "theater" to create the city Contemporary Jiangnan dreamland.
The “Yuyuan” section is customized for the city. The drama is out of the theater. In Xixi National Wetland Park, the ecological theme dance work “Isolation——Species Conservation Checklist” created by Italian choreographer for Xixi is presented. The car "BUS BU BU BUS" participates in a collective action that connects the common memories of Hangzhou cities; of course, there are "Colors of Hangzhou-Hangzhou Edition" to see how foreign artists create Hangzhou's colors and presentation.
"X" is unknown and exploration. Workshops, lectures, forums, exhibitions, city walks, and the popularization of a series of arts. I hope you will come to the theater, walk out of the theater, and explore known unknowns, unknown unknowns in the process.
"Dream" is specially invited by the theater, 5 countries, 9 repertoires. Theatre-invited works are still the basis of the Xixi International Art Festival. There are world-class masterpieces such as "May, Maybe," and "The Lonely Cotton Field", which have been introduced exclusively by Edinburgh's cutting-edge drama exhibition. New works created by Chinese and foreign cooperation with "Golden Dragon", new drama experiences such as "White Rabbit, Red Rabbit" and "I am a big shot", and the whale circus "Love Jiangnan" and "Mama'milk New Year Concert". There are many national and Asian premieres in these works, which are in sync with the world. We do not pursue pioneers and hope to bring you a new theater experience and resonance.
This year is the 5th Xixi International Art Festival. New friends and old friends, our post-90s artist + Wen Qing representative, and "always a mystery" Xi Ge's theater operation team, I hope to present you with a Quality, but an international art festival that will keep you close and affordable.
From today, we are officially here to invite you ~
The Fifth (2019) Xixi International Arts Festival
Recent plays
Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizas (Mexico)
Cover repertoire of the 2018 London International Mime Festival
2016 New Zealand Fringe Best Repertory
2016 New Zealand Fringe Festival Outstanding Actor
Longing for happiness, will luck come today?
Maybe, maybe, maybe ...
Performance time: October 18 19:30 / October 19 14:30 19:30 / October 20 14:30
"Love in Jiangnan"
National premiere
 Li Xingyu (Whale Circus) Emotional Masterpiece
Immersive Soundscape Concert
Performance time: 19:30 on November 2 / 14:30 on November 3
"Isolation-Species Conservation List" (Italy & China)
Italian choreography teamed up with Chinese dancers
Unique Xixi Custom Version
Dance creations that advocate "soft coexistence" with the environment
Performance time: 15:00 on November 2 / 15:00 on November 3
"Lonely Cotton Field" Dans la solitude des champs de coton (France)
First Asian Tour
 Exclusive introduction of Edinburgh's cutting-edge drama show
An offensive and defensive deal for a French business "drama"
Performance time: December 14 19:30 / December 15 14:30
The 5th Xixi International Arts Festival
October 13, 2019-January 01, 2020
3 months, 3 major plates, 3 non-theatre space drama experiments
9 theater special invitations, N + art popularization and experience
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