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"The Art of Tasting Time" VIP Tasting Event | Glashütte Original x Banyan Tree Xixi

"The Art of Tasting Time" VIP Tasting Event | Glashütte Original x Banyan Tree Xixi

On August 17, 2019, the German fine watch brand Glashütte Original “Glasütte Original” “art of tasting time” VIP tasting will be presented at Banyan Tree Hangzhou.
Glashütte Original specially invited the teacher of the teahouse, Pang Ying, a special lecturer of the China Tea Museum and the China Tea Society, to teach tea on the spot, and in the antique Banyan Tree in Xixi, with a lot of brand friends, they sipped tea in the summer afternoon The new watch from Zhongpin appreciates superb watchmaking skills and extraordinary timepieces, and appreciates the wonderful fusion of technology, art and time.
Glashütte Original also brings the brand's brand-new timepieces for the guests in 2019, sharing the classic spirit, insisting on quality, while breaking through the brand spirit of technology and bold innovation.
The harmonious overall design, finely polished movement parts, and superb hand-carved carvings-Glashütte's original pursuit of timeless classics and aesthetics is fully reflected in every new watch, and the superb craftsmanship is finally achieved Timepieces that watch connoisseurs love.
At the tasting party, Mr. Pang Ying introduced guests to well-known tea species such as Longjing and Oolong, which originated from China, and carefully interpreted the dietary habits of different regions to be healthier with different tea drinks. During the tea-making process, everyone is invited to taste the fragrance in the quiet time.
China's tea culture has a long history, and its characteristics of "authenticity, cleanliness, harmony, and elegance" have similarities with advanced traditional watchmaking. As a representative of German watchmaking art, Glashütte Original dates back to 1845, demonstrating Germany's modern and outstanding watchmaking technology and enjoys a high reputation in the field of fine watchmaking. The exquisite craftsmanship inherited by the brand so far is a pure interpretation of the spirit of craftsmen. Therefore, the launch of this fair is a collision between culture and art, and together seeks for the beautiful pursuit of time. At the same time, it is also a tribute to the spirit of Eastern and Western artisans.
Like a private Jiangnan garden, Banyan Tree Hangzhou Xixi is composed of 36 Shuiyue Pavilion suites and 36 villas. The rows of pink-walled Daiwa villas built according to the scenery are like private residences, making it a private residence. A romantic and private getaway. Small bridges, waterways and ponds run through it, complemented by antique oriental designs, the entire picture is overflowing with infinite and elegant serenity.

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