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Westbrook,is an international tourism complex in the charming Westbrook area.

Located in the southeast corner of Xixi National Wetland Park, Xixi Paradise is blooming, giving full play to the charms of the wetland. As the first world-class tourism complex project in China, it is positioned as a most distinctive international tourism complex in Hangzhou, with a world-class hotel cluster for urban leisure, resort and conference. Xixi Paradise, with "hotel cluster" as the core, features five hotels, four centers, two residences, one pavilion and one street...


The design team

The leading design of Xixi Paradise is supported by world-class technology and team. Xixi Paradise invited five acclaimed architects, including Arata Isozaki, David Chipfield, Javier Pioz, Mario Bota and Steven Hall, to lead nearly 60 domestic and foreign elite teams to participate in the design of the China Wetland Museum, international hotel clusters, Qiyuecheng commercial complex, international clubs, Yueju international brand apartments, Yuezhuang condo hotels, large-scale tourism public service facilities and other buildings. Together with the Xixi national wetland park, a new platform was built for Hangzhou to become an international leisure tourist city.


Tourist complex

The formation of Xixi paradise is driven by the internationalization of Hangzhou's urban tourism, which is one of the inevitable trends of China's urban complex development. Hangzhou, as an international tourist city, has tens of millions of tourists every year, and the demand for high-standard and large-scale tourist facilities is increasingly urgent. The overall idea of Xixi Paradise originated from the concept of "supporting parking lot" in Xixi Wetland Protection Project, and later evolved into a "large tourist public service center" with hotel and parking lot. Through the feasibility analysis of international hotel consulting company and the continuous evolution of development team, constructive concept "hotel cluster" is introduced. Finally, the original concept has developed into today’s beautiful Xixi Paradise, with hotel cluster as its core combining China Wetland Museum, international clubs, Xixi Paradise Commercial Street, apartment hotels, condo hotels and tourist facilities.


Westbrook is located in the southeast corner of Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou, at the intersection of Zijingang Road and Tianmu Mountain, less than 5 kilometers from the West Lake and about 7.5 kilometers from the city center (Wulin Square). The project covers an area of 26 acres, a total construction area of 300000 square meters including its underground and the total investment amount is RMB 3 billion. It is a landmark complex at the main entrance of Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park.


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