China Wetland Museum

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  • The China Wetland Museum is located in the southeast of Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park. It covers an area of ​​20,200 square meters. It was officially opened to the public on November 2, 2009. It is the only wetland theme in China approved by the State Forestry Administration for collection and research. , Exhibition, education, publicity and entertainment as one of the popular national professional museums.
    The building of the China Wetland Museum was created by the new master of the famous design master Isozaki. The design uses "green hills" as a carrier of expression, and the whole building is subtly integrated into the hills, with a unique shape. The 30-meter-high sightseeing tower overlooks the panoramic view of Xixi Wetland, becoming a major landmark in Xixi Wetland.
    The display exhibition designed by Gallag Design and Display Corporation in the United States takes the wetland as the material and environmental foundation of human civilization and social development as its core idea, and divides the 7,800 square meters of display area into five themed exhibition halls: preface hall, wetland and Anthropology Hall, China Wetland Hall, Xixi Wetland Hall, thematic exhibition hall and multifunctional area. The exhibition used a variety of methods such as specimens and landscapes, interaction and special effects, experiments and demonstrations to systematically and richly display the world's wetlands, Chinese wetlands, threats to wetlands, global wetland protection actions, and other content. This fully reflects the Chinese government's achievements in wetland protection.

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